Making Reading Fun! 

About Us

Otter Press is one of the largest comic and specialty youth magazine publishers in Australia and New Zealand releasing a wide portfolio of comic book and magazine titles for children and teenagers.

We publish under license a wide range of publications based on popular television and movie properties owned by various international companies like Bongo [Simpsons], Nickelodeon, Warner Bros, Mattel, Cartoon Network and others.

The wide range of Otter Press comic books and magazines feature a range of titles suitable for varying age categories and reading levels.
Otter Press takes pride in the quality of our publications, carefully selecting age appropriate material.

We follow a philosophy that the best way to stimulate a child’s learning is through fun and laughter. That is why we take great care to fill our publications with stories and activities that are both educational and fun! The publications are ageless and many of the titles have
cross gender appeal.

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